Control GX Shampoo

Gradually blends away grey with each use

  • Coming soon – new look! Same great results
  • Just shampoo, it’s that easy
  • Works on any shade of hair
  • Subtle, natural looking results
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

#1 Men's hair + beard care brand

The first & only grey 
reducing beard wash

lets you control your grey for the look you want

  • gradually reduce grey
  • subtle, natural-looking results
  • gently cleans and rejuvenates hair


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The next big leap
in beard care

just use as your regular wash until
you like what you see

The smartest shampoo
in your shower

reduces a little grey with each shampoo

Control gx reviews

"It gradually reduced my grey and is super easy to use."


Gradually reducing grey is as easy as shampooing your hair.

Control GX® shampoos reduce a little grey with each shampoo, making gradual grey blending effortless for guys. Just use Control GX® Shampoo in place of your regular shampoo until you like what you see, once you have reached your desired result, alternate with your regular shampoo to maintain your look. For natural-looking, blended results, it doesn’t get easier than this. Exclusively from Just For Men®.

The smartest shampoo in your shower.

Developed by our experts and tested by thousands of men, the Control GX line is so innovative, there are 3 patents on the technology. They’re the first gradual grey reducing shampoos. Because we’re always developing easier and easier ways for guys to look and feel their best.

The easiest way to reduce greys gradually.

Use instead of your regular shampoo…

until you like what you see.

Then alternate with your regular shampoo to maintain a subtle, natural look.

Choose your shampoo preference.

Real results with Control GX Shampoo.

Guys were compensated for trying Control GX.


Cleans & revitalizes.

Gently and thoroughly cleans hair as it gradually reduces greys. Increases volume for a thicker, fuller look.

What guys are saying about Control GX

…I bought it originally because it slowly got rid of the grey and wasn’t a sudden change. Now I only have to use it a few times a week to keep the natural look.

Joe H.

I’d be a spokesperson… it covers grey gracefully.